Logo design for a venue in Augsburg, Germany.

The star shape picks up architectural elements from the beautiful building, the green color the setting of the house in the park. The somewhat unusual positioning of the logo in the lower right corner of posters and covers leaves ample space for individual design, which was paramount, since the Parktheater is a venue for an immense variety of events. It’s uses range from theater to play house to opera house to music club to ballroom, and even culinary events may take place there.

For a more universal usage, the logo also can stand alone, either in white on colored background, or in black with a green star on a light background.

Logo font is Prelo (DSType).

This logo design dates back to 2009, and was retired in 2017.

In the years I worked for the Parktheater, I designed 8 annual programs, redesigned the website twice and created countless quarterly programs, monthly posters, mailings, tickets, flyer, newsletter, signage, banner, print ads and so much more. Even a rickshaw!