Exhibition design for the German Society for Pediatric Neurology, premiered at the Neurowoche 2018 in Berlin.

Four LED-lighted walls spanning over 32 feet (10 meter) build a flexible backdrop for the hustle and bustle at various events for the German Society for Pediatric Neurology (Gesellschaft für Neuropädiatrie, GNP). Two LED-lighted tables and a handful of foldable, space saving, but very comfortable FluxChairs offer focal points to meet and mingle, additional seating is provided by smaller cubes, adorned with whimsical slogans adding a little bit of fun to the otherwise serious business of children’s neurology.

Duo tone microscopic images are the foundation of this big-scale design. These slices of nerves, muscle and brain tissue are now also used in everyday communication by GNP. The color scheme, too, carries over to the newly updated and expanded website (which is still a bit of a work-in-progress). Feel free to check it out: gesellschaft-fuer-neuropaediatrie.org

Images: © Claudius Pflug, Berlin